Young Pre-School Program


As children grow from toddlers to preschoolers, we encourage social interaction, the development of friendships, and teamwork. Children thrive on routine, so they follow a daily schedule.

  • Children explore more in-depth than ever before.
  • The children have access to a self-selection of toys, books and activities. The teacher is an active observer and builds the curriculum surrounding the children’s interests and needs.
  • The classroom is equipped with child-sized toilets to encourage toilet training and make it easier to master.
  • We further the love of music and dancing and continue to build their fine motor skills by doing different arts activities daily.
  • Outside time is plentiful so children can run, climb, and jump, as well as play in the sandboxes and water tables.
  • A small raised garden outside and a science center in the classroom allow nature and science to be included in the teacher’s curriculum planning.