Infant Care Program


The moment your infant comes into our care, we start building trust. Our infant teachers quickly become in tune with your child, responding to his or her needs – diapering, feeding, sleeping, exploring, soothing – compassionately and with the utmost care.

The curriculum is exploration driven with exercises that encourage language, cognitive development, fine and gross motor development and self-awareness. We are in constant communication with parents about needs and development to encourage continuity between home and child care.

  • Babies are cuddled, rocked, sung, and read to often.
  • Babies play with sensory toys that stimulate with textures, sounds and lights.
  • Infants get to explore the outside playground daily (weather permitting).
  • A separate nap area within the classroom allows for optimum nap-time while still allowing children that are awake to play freely.
  • Infants are provided infant cereal, baby food and Parents Choice formula.

As soon as you enroll your child in our program we create an individual portfolio that tracks his or her intellectual, social, and emotional development. It follows him or her from class to class until they turn five years old, at which point it’s put in their file (or given to you)? Please have client confirm what happens with the portfolio.