Appleton Area School District 4K


We are proud to be part of the Appleton Area School District as a 4K program host site. Children within our care who are also enrolled in our AASD 4K program move from their Prekindergarten classroom to the 4K classroom in the morning or afternoon (depending on their placement times) for 4K class. Morning classes begin at 8:30am and end at 11:14am. Afternoon classes begin at 12:28pm and end at 3:04pm. Children then return to the Pre-K classroom. Children will be served breakfast, lunch and snack in their child care rooms before or after 4K.

Our 4K program also welcomes children not enrolled in our child care facility. This is an excellent opportunity for the children to expand their social network, learn to play and work with others, and experience diversity outside of what they know in child care. 

  • Our AASD 4K classroom is exclusively used for 4K during the school year.
  • Daily schedule includes large group, small group, center work, play time, and large and fine motor skill time.  
  • Parent/Teacher conferences are held twice a year. These will be scheduled in October and March. In January and May, families receive an Appleton Community 4K Progress Report which provides further information regarding your child’s progress and development. 

Note: Children arriving with parents or on the district bus will not be included in meals or snacks, so please be sure your child arrives at 4K having already eaten.

For more details regarding Appleton Area School District 4K, please go to: