AASD 4-year-old Kindergarten Staff



Tessa M

Hi! My name is Tessa M and I am the 4K teacher here at YCDC.   My favorite part is watching the children learn and grow and play each and everyday. I love to see them get excited about school, their friends and I feel very proud to say that I was their “first school experience.”


Abbey H

I’m Abbey H and I have worked at Young Child Development Center since 2011. I graduated from Triton College with a general Associates degree. I grew up in a suburb of Chicago. I moved to Appleton with my husband and we have four children. I enjoy reading, sewing and quilting, and creating messy crafts.

I am an Assistant Teacher in 4K during the school year and work with the School Agers and drive the bus on field trips during the summer. I float in all the classrooms pretty regularly year round. I have fun everyday with the children at the center introducing new ideas, encouraging independence and self-confidence through play. I have the opportunity to see most of the classrooms daily and interact with a variety of age levels and developmental stages which keeps me on my toes.